4 explain how mental ill health may be indicated through an individual s emotions thinking and behav

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Mental Health

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1. 4 Explain how mental ill health may be indicated through an individual’s emotions, thinking and behaviour. The individual may start to lose touch with reality and you may also see emotions such as indifference and anger manifesting as the individual starts to get frustrated with treatments or misunderstanding.

Recent studies have shown that parents want to be seen as a “good parent” to their critically ill or dying child, 25 While the definition of a “good parent” is individual and personal, it can also be socially influenced.

25 This desire to be seen as a “good parent” is a powerful internal motivator of decision-making and actions. 25 Parents want positive feedback from health care. the signs and symptoms of individuals and ways of handling different types of mental disorders.

Explain how mental ill health may be indicated through an individual’s emotions, thinking and behaviour There are signs associated with mentally ill individuals%(1). The most common method of determining mental ill health is bynoting the emotions, thinking, and behaviors that are out ofcharacter for an individual, or by evaluating a set of thinking,emotions, and behaviors to see if they conform to a particularprofile of mental ill health, such as psychosis.

Feb 10,  · the full question is, explain how mental ill health may have an impact on the individual including: psychological and emotional, practical and financial, the impact of using services, social exclusion and positive impacts?Status: Resolved.

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