Micropropagation of corymbia hybrid and

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Frost tolerant eucalyptus clones: an overview of micropropagation tools and wood and pulp quality Denilson da Silva Perez: Research Engineer, FCBA InTechFibres, France, [email protected] For example, fast-growing, freeze-resilient E. grandis seedlings are produced by advanced generation seed orchards, five E.

grandis cultivars are commercially available, as are E. amplifolia and Corymbia. Hybrid clones between these species have been developed in Chile (Griffin et al., ), but attempts in Australia have been unsuccessful, in part due to the inability to achieve clonal propagation (Potts, Hamilton and Blackburn, ).

Micropropagation of an Eucalyptus hybrid (Eucalyptus benthamii x Eucalyptus dunnii) Gilvano Ebling Brondani1*, Leonardo Ferreira Dutra2, Ivar Wendling3*, Fernando Grossi1, Fabricio Augusto Hansel3 and Marla Alessandra Araujo4.

Micropropagation of Corymbia hybrids Australian Forestry Vol.

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75 No. 4 pp. – Group, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Gympie, Queensland. The families.

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Micropropagation of corymbia hybrid and
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